Tony Proudfoot, CFL Alumni, relying on his team to fight the battle


 Tony Proudfoot, CFL Alumni, relying on his team to fight the battle.

ALS has forced Tony from the field to the sidelines, but he refuses to go quietly.

Montreal (November 20, 2009) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)—also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease—is devastating.  For Tony Proudfoot, former Alouettes and BC Lions player, he knows the impact all too well. “In 2007, I was diagnosed with ALS and from that moment on my life changed forever,” says Tony. “I never thought that I would be forced to stand on the sidelines so early in my life.” But Tony refuses to stand quietly. As with his football career, he is fighting to win this one but he needs to recruit a committed team.

“Team Proudfoot Inspired Mosaic.”

“With this team I am asking for people to help raise awareness surrounding ALS,” says Tony. “With the Inspired Mosaic all those touched by ALS, no matter how they communicate, what their mobility or strength is, can take part.”

Awareness breeds knowledge, knowledge fosters change. The desired outcome: enhanced research, improved clinical care, upgraded services. Be part of this team, we have a significant challenge in front of us!

Since Tony became public with his diagnosis, he has inspired thousands of people coast to coast through his words, his actions, and his positive outlook on life. It has now been two years since he was diagnosed with ALS. “I am continuing to slide downhill, communicating only with the aid of my computer, eating with a feeding tube (I have lost 50 lbs, and counting) and struggling to breathe even on the smallest of exertions,” he says. “Luckily I can still move about and I keep on doing the activities that I love with the people I care about. I enjoy my association with the Alouettes, working as an adviser and I writing about football on CJAD’s website.”

As the hype for the Grey Cup nears, Tony welcomes the opportunity to “talk” football, “talk” about living with ALS and/or “talk” about “Team Proudfoot Inspired Mosaic.”

 For information, contact:

 Tony Proudfoot: (text message: 514-919-2093)

Claudine Cook, Executive Director, ALS Society of QC: , mobile 514-298-0540

Dr. Angela Genge:  Director of the ALS Clinic, Montreal Neurological Institute Hospital 514-398-3868
What is ALS?

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a rapidly progressing, neuromuscular illness that is always fatal. Known in France as Charcot’s Disease – after the neurologist who first described it 130 years ago – and in America as Lou Gehrig’s Disease – after the famous baseball player who died of it in the 1940s, it is characterized by the progressive degeneration of the neurons controlling the motor muscles, gradually leading to total paralysis of the body while leaving the intellectual faculties untouched. ALS can strike anyone, regardless of age, sex or ethnic origin. Although ALS generally develops between the ages of 50 and 75, it can occur in people as young as 20. ALS usually leads to death within three to five years of the diagnosis, although for some unknown reason, 10 to 15% of patients survive about 10 years after they have been diagnosed.

How to be part of “Team Proudfoot Inspired Mosaic” 

To be part of “Team Proudfoot Inspired Mosaic” only takes a few minutes. Simply upload a photo and send a message to Tony, someone touched by ALS, a loved one or to someone who has inspired you. The photo then becomes a permanent part of the tapestry of the “Inspired Mosaic” and a lasting tribute to caring individuals who are or have been touched by ALS.

To upload a picture and message:

1.go to: (english) or


2. Follow the easy steps … then watch Team Proudfoot and our Inspired Mosaic build!

3. You can view the Inspired Mosaic by visiting (click on the icon)

4. With a donation of $50 or more, donors will receive a print of the Inspired Mosaic   autographed by Tony Proudfoot



The CFL Alumni Association together with partner Calgary Stampeder Alumni Association are pleased to announce the inaugural CFL Alumni Legends Club Luncheon, Friday, November 27, 2009 to kick off Grey Cup weekend. The goal of this fundraising event is to raise money for the ‘CFL Players Dire Needs Fund’, which offers support to former CFL players experiencing medical hardships and to local Calgary amateur football.

The luncheon will feature profiles on Hall of Fame and members CFL Alumni by the CFL on TSN broadcast panel, Dave Randorf, Jock Clime, Matt Dunigan and Chris Schultz. Guests’ will hear battle and success stories of their playing career while watching Grey Cup moments of the Alumni profiled at the event. Attendees will be treated to a hot stove session with CFL greats. The roster of guests includes the likes of John Forzani, Bob Viccars, and Doug Mitchell (Calgary Stampeder ownership group), Angelo Mosca, Tony Gabriel, Peter Dalla Riva, Lui Passaglia, with the room full of CFL Alumni and friends.

“Guests of this event can expect to see some of their favourite legends of the game in attendance”, said former player and Calgary Stampeders Alumni President Rocco Romano. “We want this event to be THE Alumni event of the year not only raising money, but as a gathering place for our members to reacquaint with each other and interact with our passionate CFL fan base,” said Romano.

 The CFL Alumni Legends Club Luncheon will be held Friday, November 27th at Flames Central a World Class Sports and Entertainment Venue located in the heart of downtown Calgary. Doors open at 11:00 AM and goes until 2 PM. A roast beef Lunch buffet, seating, stories, meet and greet, memorabilia, and the opportunity to give back to the game and to OUR LEAGUE make this a must go to event!

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